Courtney Wood is a fourth year student at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. She offers rehabilliative manual therapy & Pilates in Toronto, On. Courtney practices a type of manual therapy that is informed by her education so far at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.
Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that is non-invasive and geared toward helping the body self-heal. It is an holistic (whole body) approach that emphasizes the structural and functional integrity of the musculoskeletal system. Osteopathic manual practitioners use a range of treatments, including working with the soft tissues of the body (fascia and muscles) as well as with the joints, ligaments and bones. Treatments can include myofascial release, muscle energy & cranial work.

Manual therapy can help with the following:
The musculoskeletal system: sprains, tendonitis, back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, scoliosis, pelvic pain, TMJ pain, etc.The neurological system: sciatica, all types of neuralgia, etc.
The cardiovascular system: oedemas, venous congestion, heart palpitations, blood pressure issues, etc.
The digestive system: bloating, gas, gall bladder issues, colitis, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, etc.
The ENT and pulmonary systems: rhinitis, sinusitis, dizziness, headaches, migraines, bronchitis, asthma, etc.
The autonomic nervous system: depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, etc.
Trauma recovery: fractures, sprains, falls, car accidents, etc.

Meet Courtney

Courtney began teaching in the body work field over 15 years ago, as a Yoga Instructor. Shortly after, she was certified at Body Harmonics as a Pilates Instructor where she then worked, teaching private sessions, group classes and some teacher training courses. Throughout her teaching career, she has worked in various other settings, including multi-disciplinary clinics & post-rehab settings.
Courtney received her certification as a Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as an adjunct to teaching movement. Most recently, out of a deep interest and personal commitment to helping her clients feel greater ease and power in their bodies, she decided to take the leap and enter into an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner program at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. She is impassioned and hugely impressed so far at the great power of Osteopathy.

Make an appointment:

What you can expect in a visit:
Initial Assessment (1 hour) During your first visit, you can expect a full assessment and health history intake followed by a treatment geared towards your body’s needs. $80
Follow-up: follow up treatment time will vary, and in them your therapist will continue to work with you in guiding your body towards optimal health. $50


West End: The Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, On.
East End Location: 510 Coronation Dr. Scarborough, On.


phone: (416)795-7144