Coffee & Hormonal Balance


A cup of coffee with a spoon,

As I’m learning about physiology through my Osteopathy studies, I’m understanding all this new stuff about how substances affect our bodies on a deeper level.

It turns out, that throughout the day and night, our pituitary gland (the master endocrine gland that orchestrates many hormonal processes in the body) secretes a hormone called Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) when our body needs to retain water, especially when we have toxins and other substances in our system. It secretes this hormone in order to ensure that our cells are properly hydrated and able to carry out their all important, life-sustaining functions.

When we drink (or eat) things that contain caffeine, it suppresses the action of ADH in the pituitary gland so that our body thinks we need to get rid of water – and we pee! Thing is, when we pee after a cup of coffee, we’re getting rid of water that we need and we’re holding onto the toxins and other substances in our bodies. In effect, when this water leaves us, its not carrying with it all the things that should be carried out each time we pee!

So, our master pituitary gland is affected each time we drink a coffee, and since this gland is so important to our entire endocrine system, our hormones are affected indirectly. So, PMS, headaches, acne, mood swings, etc are all affected by caffeine consumption.

I write this as I enjoy a beautiful cappuccino 🙂

2 Replies to “Coffee & Hormonal Balance”

  1. enjoyed reading your post – but I so LOVE a good decaf americano!

    I find I would rather have a really good cup of coffee vs a glass of wine…is there something wrong with me?!


    1. Jules! Thanks for reading the post! I know you love a good decaf and I’m with you on preferring it to a glass of wine 🙂 It’s likely because we both enjoy being productive… wine makes us drowsy and coffee generally lets us feel like we can take on the world! xoxo

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